How To Know If Your HVAC Is Still Under Warranty?

Some warranties cover specific items, such as parts, and some cover labor and parts (both). Most residential unit manufacturers give a 5-year warranty for the components of the unit covering any defective component within the system, while some manufacturers offer 10-year parts warranties. The components are the evaporator coil, compressor, fan motor, and blower motor. […]

What Is Included In Furnace Maintenance?

A comprehensive inspection and tune-up of your system are included in furnace maintenance in Dallas. You may be wondering, “Do I really need to have my furnace serviced?” given that most people only call for HVAC repair when something goes wrong. Maintaining your furnace will save you money, keep you comfortable, and provide you with […]

8 Reasons Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

The major problem most homeowners face during the summers is their air conditioner not cooling properly. Therefore, regular AC service is essential to maintain a clean and efficient condition. There are several possible reasons for the problem of the air conditioner not cooling. Signs of Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Clogged Filter   Many AC units […]

How Often Should AC Turn On And Off?

When buying a new air conditioner, you choose the best one that offers a quality effect to your indoor space. The process of your AC keeping your indoor space at a comfortable temperature requires the system to work in cycles to achieve the desired temperature per the thermostat. When your air conditioner is working in […]

How To Maintain An Air Conditioner System?

Maintenance services are devised so that complete care and attention are given to all the aspects of the AC system. According to our AC tune-up technician in Dallas, an AC system can work appropriately for many years when all the different systems like drainage, electrical, ventilation, and cooling components work in harmony.  Why Does It […]