A non-cooling AC is one of the biggest problems you will find during the summer. The heat gets unbearable without a proper cooling system and that is why you should check the problem behind your non-cooling AC. Finding the reason and then getting professional help to restore the efficiency of your AC unit is the best option.

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Reasons Why AC Is Not Cooling
It is the worst when your air conditioner is not cooling, and you can not do anything about it. But before calling for professional help, you can check to see if one of these problems are there.
Choked Air Filters And Condenser Coils

It is common for air filters to get dirty and clogged with dust and dirt. It will hamper the airflow in your home and reduce the cooling effect altogether.

Coolant leak
This coolant withdraws heat from the indoor air and releases it into the outdoor environment. Therefore, a coolant leak can completely shut down your AC and fail the system.
Wrong Thermostat Settings
Check your thermostat settings when you feel less cooling in your home. It should be set to “on” or “constant fan” to restart the cooling. Change the setting if you see it is wrong.
Irregular Maintenance And Service
Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary to ensure any trouble is solved before it damages the AC unit completely. All these check-ups will help keep up the performance of your AC.
Wrong Placement
Proper placement of the ac ensures maximum cooling and a long lifespan. It should be placed away from direct sunlight or overheating windows.
Over-Ventilated Rooms
If your room has too many windows and doors, the cool air will find it easy to flow outside rather than stay inside. So, overall the cooling will be zero, and your room will stay humid.

Ways To Fix The Air Conditioner That Is Not Cooling

The cooling issue is common in most of the ac units in summer. The excessive heat works in decreasing the efficiency of your AC. But the time has changed; now, you can call professionals 24/7 and stay comfortable through the summers.
Clean Air Filters And Coils

The clogged air filters block cool air from flowing into your place. When you see such filters, you can take them out and clean them under running water to remove the dirt and repeat the process whenever you see dirty filters. It will keep the efficiency of your AC up to the mark.

Rectify The Thermostat Settings
While the cooling in your home has decreased, you should check the thermostat settings and see if any change is needed. Change the “heat” to “on” and wait for the cooling to start in a few minutes. If the cool air starts blowing, your problem is solved. If not, you have to call for professionals.
Get Professional Inspection And Repair

In case when you feel something is wrong within your AC unit and can’t rectify it on your own, you should call your nearest AC repair and let the experts handle it.

Change And Repair The Faulty Parts

Suppose any part inside the AC  unit is at fault or damaged, creating noises. You should contact experts and repair the unit as soon as possible.


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