When buying a new air conditioner, you choose the best one that offers a quality effect to your indoor space. The process of your AC keeping your indoor space at a comfortable temperature requires the system to work in cycles to achieve the desired temperature per the thermostat.

When your air conditioner is working in cycles to cool your space, the air conditioner stops and restarts after each cycle to throw out good air. Here, you will understand how often your AC turns on and off after the cycles. If you find trouble deciding for yourself, you can trust our air conditioning repairs in Dallas in your decision.

How often should AC turn on and off?

It is a good sign if your AC cycles for about 15 to 20 minutes, two to three times in an hour. However, the run time of the cycles can increase if the temperature outside is higher or the room temperature is higher than the one set on your thermostat.

What Can Disrupt Your HVAC System?

Short Cycle

It is a bad sign if your AC runs for about 10 minutes before it cycles quickly. Multiple cycles within an hour can cause permanent damage to the compressor. Sometimes the cooling effect may last for less than 10 minutes, which can also be a problem.

The problem can also occur if the system lacks refrigerant or if your AC is too big, or very old. It is always safe to hire a technician specializing in AC services in Dallas, TX, to look through the issue.

Long Cycle

A long cycle can be an issue when your air conditioner is too small for indoor space. It can also be caused if the ductwork is not sealed correctly.

It can be a bad sign if your AC takes around an hour to go off and longer than 10 minutes before restarting. Extremely hot temperatures, dirty coils, or a wrongly set thermostat can be the main cause of this issue.

Things To Consider

These are the most important aspects to be kept in mind, which determine how often your air conditioner goes on and off is a good sign.

  • It is always essential to ensure that no refrigerant leaks or dirt are blocking the air filters and the position of the thermostat.
  • To identify the exact issue, now you know that the AC cycles should neither be too long nor too short.
  • The time of the cycles should always be moderate, which not only depends on the time limit of the cycles but also the size of your air conditioner.
  • Optimum cycle flow help your indoor space stay cool and fresh for a longer time and does not require many repairs; it consumes less energy and workload.

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