During summer days, the AC tends to have long cycles due to the immense heat outside, which makes it difficult for the system to provide you with any cooling effect whatsoever. You must be wondering if there is a way to cut costs during peak summers when your air conditioner might probably be running all day and night.

If you are worried about not realizing how to prepare your air conditioner for summer days, we are here to help you out. We will guide you through 5 important steps to get your AC ready for summer. By following the steps mentioned below, you can sit tight and prepare your AC for those perfect summer times that would make you wonder if it is that hot outside.

Five steps to get your AC ready for summer days

Cleaning The Filter

Cleaning your air filters is the most convenient way of maintaining your air conditioner. Make sure to clean out all the dust particles that block the airway through the blowers. If you feel like your air conditioner needs a filter replacement, you can find well-reputed services of AC maintenance in Dallas.

Clean the condenser coil

Often, the pipe carrying the condensation can get clogged. It must be cleaned of all dust and remains blocked inside the condenser. Turn off the condenser unit and remove the side panels to clean them. Gently brush off the dust clogged on the outside of the condenser coil. You can also use a vacuum to clean off the dirt blocked inside condenser coils.

Clean All The Fins Outside

Take a soft toothbrush or a car cleaning brush to gently brush off the dust particles without bending any thin metals. Brush off all the dirt through each fin to ensure they look clean and dust-free.

Test The AC Unit

Once you have cleaned the major parts that blocked the airway, check the air conditioning unit. First, turn off your thermostat. Then turn on the power for the main panel and the disconnect box. And finally, you should switch the thermostat to set the temperature. Make sure to switch on the power unit after your cleaned system is completely dry.

Install Programmed Thermostat

When you install a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system, it will save you from huge costs. It will enable you to reduce the use of your AC by keeping the high energy bills at bay. Installing one at home and managing the tools in your comfort zone is easier. If you find any trouble with it, you can rely on our services of AC tune-up in Dallas to get your system ready to work efficiently on low bills.

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