The major problem most homeowners face during the summers is their air conditioner not cooling properly. Therefore, regular AC service is essential to maintain a clean and efficient condition. There are several possible reasons for the problem of the air conditioner not cooling.

Signs of Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling


  • Clogged Filter  

Many AC units now have a built-in mechanism that allows the unit to shut down if the filter becomes clogged. It will prevent damage to the heater and prevent overheating. Be sure to check the filter and clean or replace it as needed. Contact HVAC technician for AC replacement in Dallas.

  • Dirty Coils

If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air, the condenser coil may be full of dirt and dust. A condenser is like a storage heater that draws heat from an air conditioner. Therefore, the condenser coil should not be dirty so that heat can escape to the outside. If the coil is not clean, the air conditioner will be able to work properly due to which room will not get cool air.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

Another reason for an air conditioner not cooling properly is a refrigerant leak. Over time, slow leaks can reduce the refrigerant levels in the air conditioner. Refrigerants are very important chemicals in the cooling process. 

  • Thermostat Setting

Check the thermostat settings of the air conditioner. You may not set it to the proper temperature. Set it to automatic mode so that fan operates only when the air is cold. If the thermostat is out of order, the air conditioner will not cool or will keep cooling.  

  • Faulty Compressor  

The compressor is an important component of the air conditioner and is responsible for cooling the space. If the air conditioner is not cold, the compressor may be defective. A compressor is a motor that compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the coils of the evaporator and the condenser.  

  • Improper Insulation  

Some regions of your home may be warmer than other regions. It might be due to ductwork which you need to inspect. If the duct is open, the air inside can get too hot after leaving the blower. If you have an air duct that is not insulated, you should immediately call an HVAC expert to provide insulation recommendations.  

  • Frozen Air Handler  

You will notice when your air conditioner is not cooling the air at all. It may seem counterintuitive, but ice prevents air from flowing over the refrigerant.  

  • Lack of Proper Maintenance  

Inadequate maintenance is a common reason AC systems cannot supply cold air. However, to thoroughly review your system, you need to contact a suitable HVAC company. We recommend the air conditioner’s maintenance twice a year in spring and autumn.


To ensure that the air conditioner is always functioning properly, we recommend you ask an AirTemp AC and Heating specialist to repair and maintain the air conditioner. Our reliable and well-trained professionals ensure that your air conditioner works effectively. Contact for prompt service and an expert HVAC repair and AC installation in Dallas.