Installing an air conditioner is a luxury for your home. An apt fit to keep your home cool and comfortable. Although the process of deciding and installing an air conditioner might have seemed like too much work, let’s ponder on whether an AC tune-up in Dallas is worth it.

What’s an AC tune-up? A tune-up ensures an AC unit’s function at peak performance and does not suspiciously break down soon.

Honestly, a tune-up is not necessary. Homeowners with AC units can go years without a tune-up but keep in mind the shortcomings that may be faced in the absence of a regular tune-up. HVAC systems are often brushed aside on the premise that out-of-sight probably means no-tune-up-required.

So while a tune-up isn’t necessary, is it worth it? Yes, without a doubt. This relatively affordable service will do wonders for the operation life of the AC unit.

Here Are Some Advantages of Calling For an AC Tune-Up

  1. A benefit to an AC tune-up is the remedial insurance. Minute wear and tear issues can be made right with regular tune-ups. The technician will also look for more areas that may need a technical touch-up. Potential problems are fixed early, so your unit does not break down.
  2. There is a definite difference between an AC tune-up and an AC repair service in Dallas, TX. While the latter takes a significant amount of time and money, the former rectify problems that may occur for a price variably lower than a repair service.
  3. 3. A tune-up for your HVAC system allows for better performance and energy efficiency. With impressive performance, there will be a decrease in electricity and utility bills as well. The money saved from paying extra for the electricity bill can be used for a regular tune-up and more.
  4. The cost for tune-ups ranges from a reasonable $100 to $200, and certain agencies even offer discounts and coupons. Some agencies offer Preventive Management Agreements (PMA) that include insurance for your HVAC systems as well.
  5. An AC unit that is maintained regularly with tune-ups necessitates comfort and longer service life. An HVAC system is expensive, and paying for complete AC service in Dallas, TX, will consequently cost you a considerable amount of money. Neglecting your unit’s minor problems can eventually lead up to premature dysfunction and expensive replacement.

As technicians, they know what to look for in an AC unit and do their routine service. As a homeowner concerned with their AC unit, here are some points to look into during a tune-up –

  • Cleaning coils, drains, and fans
  • Adequate lubrication
  • Tightening of electrical connections
  • Filter change
  • Thermostat settings review
  • Monitoring refrigerant and heating levels

Additionally, if your unit is older than seven years, regular tune-ups could increase the system’s longevity and decrease the risk of sudden breakdown. At AirTemp AC and Heating, our technicians value our customers’ comfort and smooth sailing of their AC units and HVAC systems. We strive for satisfactory consultation and prices. Contact AirTemp AC and Heating for AC service in Dallas, TX, and an AC tune-up in Dallas.