Air conditioning appliances are one of the most important appliances at our homes or workplaces these days. They maintain a comfortable temperature of the room despite the extreme climate on the outside and keep the air of the room clean and fresh. However, now and then, we change filters or do any other such thing, and it is not inevitable that our air conditioner might stop working or some issue might crop up then and there. 

Thanks to the most popular tried and tested DIY formula to get things in place in case of minor issues; to reset the AC. Now, for those who wish to know how you can reset your AC, this article is just for you.

Step by Step Guide on How to Reset An Air Conditioner


  • For air conditioners with a reset button

The 1st step is to find the small, red reset button (obviously!). If you can’t find it, refer to the AC’s manual. Then unplug the unit for around 15 to 20 seconds, and plug it back in. Hold the reset button down for 3 seconds and leave. If it doesn’t work, repeat the step. If it doesn’t work even then, go to your circuit breaker panel and flip the switch connected to your Ac. 

  • For air conditioners without the reset button

Now, for those units which lack the reset button, here is the manual way of resetting. Look for the power shut-off near your outdoor compressor unit and turn it off. Then locate the 240-volt circuit in the main electrical panel and switch that off. (unplug the unit from the power supply board for extra precaution) Wait for half an hour and let the charge from the unit dissipate.

Now, set your unit to ‘cool’ and plug it back in. Switch the 240-volt circuit and the power shut-off on in the abovementioned order.

When Do You Need a Professional

If you notice that your air conditioning unit’s circuit breaker keeps tripping and is slow when it comes to cooling down, it is time for you to look for a professional. This indicates that there is some serious problem with the system, and it would be best to get an AC tune-up in Dallas as soon as possible. Plus, if you notice that the breaker panel is not having a protective sheath and the wires are exposed, it is best to seek help from a professional to ensure safety.

Why Regular Maintenance is Important

Resetting and everything is okay, but it is advised to get timely AC maintenance in Dallas and ac service in Dallas, TX if you want your air conditioner to run smoothly and wish to avoid such instances from arising. The air conditioners which are not getting regular AC service in Dallas, TX, might break down frequently. It is thus advised to get the maintenance or tune-up once every year at the very least.

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