As a homeowner, your priority will have to be the comfort in your home. Installing an air conditioner is a step towards a chilly and pleasant environment at home during the summertime. Most people are misinformed about the servicing their air conditioner might need. When an AC unit receives no tune-up or such, there will be an evident difference in the system’s functioning.

How does your air conditioner work? It removes the moisture, warm air, and humidity from the surroundings and makes a cleaner and chillier sitting at home. The air conditioning system amasses dirt and dust and filters out clean, fresh air. The air conditioner has some perks by taking in the surrounding warm air and filtering it out to provide a cold ambiance to your home.

But what would happen if you didn’t get your air conditioner serviced? Let’s find out –

  • Cleaning

Without regular cleaning, the filters will get deposited with dust and dirt and would ultimately lessen the amount of cold air from the unit. Consequently, the dust-riddled filter would also make the air that exits the unit dirty. People with skin conditions like eczema and breathing problems like asthma will find it challenging to manage such an environment.

  • Moving Parts

In an air conditioner, several moving parts need to be functioning accordingly to cool the entire home. These parts are usually fans and coils that need regular lubrication to operate. With a lack of lubrication, these parts will stop working efficiently, and ultimately, the cooling process will be futile.

  • Water leaks

Water or coolant leaks pooling around your air conditioner is not only an unpleasant sight but also a health hazard. Water damage can help commence a whole array of potential problems- clogged drains and pipes, broken condenser pumps, and so on. Neglecting servicing will affect the water damages in the household as well.

  • Power Issues

With proper and regular servicing, there will be an invariable efficiency in energy consumption. But if a homeowner decides against a call for regular AC service, they will have to face an increase in electricity and energy bills. Low functioning capacity ultimately leads to consuming a large amount of energy only to do something that does not give optimum results.

  • Saves Money

As a homeowner, your first concern would be the cost benefits of anything you might do to better your home. But if regular servicing is neglected, it would lead to increased electricity bills. If your AC unit becomes irreparable, it will need a replacement; a replacement can cost up to three or four times a servicing.

As much as an air conditioning system may cost to install in your homes, if the unit is not maintained with tune-ups, servicing sessions, and additional repairmen services, then its functionality will exponentially decrease.

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