Did your furnace just stop again after having been repaired just a few months back? Do you need another furnace repair in Dallas so soon? Well, purchasing a new furnace might be an expensive affair, but if you look at it, at times, it is better just to get a new furnace instead of getting the older one repaired again and again. When thought practically, we would notice that the amount we are spending on the maintenance and repair of the furnace is costing you much more than a new furnace for the long run.

Warning Signs That Tell You to Replace Your Furnace

How do you understand that it is finally time to let go of the old heating appliance and get a new furnace altogether? Here are a few signs indicating that it is high time you had a new heating appliance for your home or workplace.

  • The age of your furnace is more than 15 years: The average lifespan of a furnace is about 15 to 20 years. So if you are in doubt about whether you need a new furnace instead of getting frequent furnace maintenance in Dallas, you shall start by checking your furnace’s age. If it has been more than 15 years since you purchased your furnace, it is probably best for you to switch to a new one altogether as it is time to bid goodbye.
  • Your house isn’t warm enough: If you notice that even after timely and apt furnace maintenance in Dallas, your furnace is not giving out enough heat to warm your room. You should probably think about purchasing a new heating appliance for your home or workplace.
  • Frequent repairs in the past two years: Another important sign to look for is the amount of time you have required furnace repair in Dallas. If there has been a frequent need for repair of the furnace, or if the cost of repairing the furnace is way too high, it is advised that you invest in purchasing a new furnace. 
  • You are getting high electricity bills: When the furnace gets old, and the various parts of the furnace’s lifespan come closer to the end, the appliance starts consuming more energy for the same performance. As a result, you might get higher electric bills. If you notice that even after proper maintenance, servicing, etc., your furnace is consuming more electricity, take it as a sign that you need your furnace to be changed. 
  • Funny noises and weird smells: Even after timely furnace maintenance Dallas, if you notice that the furnace is making weird noises when being operated or if you notice that the air of the room has a foul smell, it is time for you to change your furnace instead of wasting time and money on the frequent repairs.

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