Nobody likes the random day your AC decides to stop working on a hot summer afternoon. Worse enough, such incidents are common post power outages. Assuming that the first thought crossing your mind in such a moment would be to call your HVAC service provider right away. While it is a wise decision to call an expert to get the work done, there are some simple steps you can try yourself.

4 Steps to Reset your AC Breaker

Trying your hand at troubleshooting can save you from shelling out the money from your pocket on an already busy day. If your AC has a reset button, you can simply press it and wait for the miracle to happen. However, you can use the following four steps to reset your AC breaker manually –

1.Turning off the thermostat

The first step is to turn off the AC thermostat to keep it from turning to cool while resetting the breaker. You need to ensure that the thermostat shows in the ‘off’ position on the shutoff panel.

2.Resetting the circuit breaker box

Moving on towards the next step, you need to locate your circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is typically placed in basement or garage areas, crawl areas, or closets. As soon as you find the breaker, you need to turn it off.

3.Waiting a minute!

Now that your AC breaker is in the off position, you can use a phone’s timer to wait for around 60 seconds before turning it on again.

4.Turning the thermostat back on

The last step is to turn the thermostat back on. However, do not simply jump on to this step as waiting for another 30 minutes is recommended. Giving 30 minutes to this step will ensure that the breaker resets completely.

After half an hour, verify that the thermostat is still in the off position to move it to an ‘on’ position simply. Then, the next step is to start your AC unit by setting it to a temperature at least five degrees below the room temperature.

Take a deep breath of relief if following the afore-mentioned steps has done the work. Unfortunately, if your AC unit still doesn’t work, there might be a deeper cause for the issue. Without any delay, you should look out for AC tune-up services in Dallas and call an experienced HVAC service provider to identify the real issue behind constant circuit tripping.

Common reasons your AC keeps tripping include loose connections, dirt in indoor or outdoor units, or a grounded compressor. Please note that resetting your AC breaker even if it keeps tripping can be hazardous and should be avoided in all instances.

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