It is starting to feel a bit chilly outside, and homeowners have begun turning on their furnaces. Do you hear your furnace operating but only get cold air from it, and it continues to turn on and off? Then suddenly you don’t hear anything.

While all these problems may annoy you, the best part is that you might be smart enough to figure this out by yourself and even fix the problem quickly. Diagnosis of a problem with your hot surface ignitor is simple, as is a replacement. You can also choose to contact an HVAC replacement in Dallas professional to get your furnace ignitor replaced.

How to Replace And How Long Does It Take To Replace A Furnace Ignitor?

Mentioned hereunder are some vital steps required in furnace ignitor replacement and how long does it take –

  • Identify The Issue

It is pretty simple to diagnose a defective hot surface ignitor. Keep an eye on the furnace the next time you switch it on. If your furnace was attempting to start but failed, it could be in a lockout state. It is a furnace security default that can be overruled by turning off the power supply to the unit, waiting approximately 60 seconds, and then switch it back on.

You’ll hear the fan turn on as the furnace gets to work. Then, if you do have one, you might hear the tiny induction fan turn on. Soon after, you should detect a “tick” sound and see your hot surface ignitor start to glow. This “tick” represents the opening of the inlet valve.

  • Changing A Furnace Ignitor

It is easy to replace the hot surface ignitor. The key, once again, is to proceed with caution due to the fragility of these. The procedure, on the other hand, is easy. Just remove a screw, remove the component, and undo the clip.

However, experts advise purchasing two rather than one. It can help you avoid multiple trips to the store, and if you repair it yourself, you will have a replacement part to use one day if the need emerges. However, if you are not familiar with these services, call up experts for furnace replacement in Dallas who specializes in your unit’s model or the brand, and have the make and model handy.

Take an old part, as well as its mounting holes and electrical connector, with you. This part should cost between $25 and $50, which is still much less than a maintenance contract.

We can agree that a furnace ignitor replacement is a tricky task and can take up an entire day if you are a novice. This is why many homeowners prefer calling experts for repair and furnace maintenance in Dallas.

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