One should take indoor air quality seriously, as it can impact our health negatively, especially in a city like Dallas, one of the most polluted cities in the US. Don’t let the indoors get polluted too. Go for AC service in Dallas, TX, when the indoor air quality starts affecting your health.

Air Filters Are An Essential Part

Air filter justifying its name, filters the air around us. It keeps all the toxic particles away from us and our home. The function of the air filter is to trap the dirty and harmful components. It traps dust, fur, wood particles, smoke, etc.

How Long Does The Same AC Filter Work?

An air filter, if not washable, can last for a maximum of 3 months, after which the replacement must not be delayed.

The replacement also depends on the filter type. A fiberglass filter cannot filter the air for more than 30 days. A pleated air filter that is a bit more efficient than the fiberglass filter needs replacement within 60 days.

Even if the air filter is washable and you clean it once a week or at least once every two weeks, it is efficient for only a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 1 year.

After-Effects of Not Replacing The AC Filter

An AC without a filter can work but is not efficient for even a few hours. If there is no air filter in your AC, it will harm all other air conditioning system parts.

Using an AC without an air filter or an AC with a clogged filter has almost the same consequences.

The after-effects of not replacing the AC filter are:

  • It Makes Way For Dirt To Enter The Compressor

A filter that is covered with dirt will not be able to block the debris from entering your compressor and damaging it entirely.

  • Energy Consumption Constantly Rises

Once your AC filter gets blocked, your electricity bill will never come down; instead, it will rise more.

  • Leakage Will Become A Headache

A clogged filter leads to damage to the condenser and compressor. Both the damages will result in refrigerant leakage.

  • Air Quality Unfit For Health

A dirty air filter will not be able to provide you with filtered air. The unfiltered air has fine toxic particles to ruin your health.

It's Time To Install The Air Filter

If you face any of the after-effects mentioned above, it’s time to go for the AC filter replacement. Today, air filter replacement is better than AC repair in Dallas tomorrow. AirTemp Dallas is the AC professional you are looking for.

We will ensure that your AC filter keeps protecting you from harmful components. We have every quality that the best HVAC company should have.

Our experience and service skills have always benefited our customers with a more efficient HVAC system. Call us 214-766-3962 today to a hire company that cares for the comfort of its customers.