A furnace is an expensive and important part of our homes. Owning an expensive HVAC appliance requires the owners to take good care of it. You can contact your HVAC contractor in Dallas to regularly service your furnace, and you can follow these simple tips to maintain the working capacity of your system:


Most furnace owners do not know that the thermostats in their homes need the right airflow volume to detect the right temperature. Moreover, the furnace’s air filters should be clean enough for proper airflow from the system to the house and vice versa.

If there are any problems with airflow in the furnace, the system will face different problems that will need immediate professional attention. Dirty air filters may cause blockages in airflow, leading to improper heating of the house and increased allergies due to poor indoor air quality.

On Setting

If you have a newly-bought thermostat, you may know about the two settings in it, Auto and On. The settings of the thermostat affect the working of the blower. When the thermostat functions on the ‘On’ setting, it forces the blower to work continuously. This continuous working increases the number of working hours of the furnace, leading to increased wear and tear and higher energy bills.

Try to keep your furnace on the ‘Auto’ setting. The thermostat automatically detects when the house has reached the required temperature and signals the blower to stop working in this setting.

Smart Thermostat

Traditional thermostats have many disadvantages when compared to smart or programmable thermostats. Traditional thermostats work according to the temperature that you set in them. They do not remind you of the maintenance schedules and do not automatically adjust the temperature in the furnace.

A smart thermostat, however, offers all these advantages to you. A smart thermostat will understand your temperature preference within a few days and work according to them in a week or two. Moreover, a smart thermostat will remind you of the maintenance schedules of your furnace. All these features will help you enhance the working and lifespan of your furnace.

Annual Tune-Up

You can take care of your system to an extent, but you will have no choice but to contact a professional when the problems go out of hand. Instead of waiting for your furnace to malfunction or, even worse, stop functioning, contact your technician and schedule a tune-up appointment at least once a year.

An annual tune-up ensures that the components in the furnace are not facing wear and tear and the system is working with proper efficiency levels. Annual tune-ups also include a thorough inspection of the furnace, from the exterior to the inside checking. Ensure to contact only a professional and licensed technician to inspect your furnace for the best results.

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